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Thread: How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

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    How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

    I was kinda shocked at how many programs are available for purchase to do this.

    How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

    Most people are aware of and take action to guard against spyware on their computers. Most people, however, aren't aware that malicious spyware viruses exist solely to infect cell phones. Usually you aren't even aware that they've been installed. There are a few subtle signs that spyware has been installed on your cell phone.



    Notice whether you experience trouble when shutting off your phone. It seems to just sit there when you try to power down.


    Notice whether your phone continues to stay lit up for several seconds to a minute after you've shut it off.


    Notice that your phone will light up when you're not using it to make a call, or when no one is calling you, or when you're not using any of the phone's apps. Spyware has to "call" your phone to get information.


    Note any strange background noises or clicks when you're on a call.


    Notice an increase in GPRS activity. This indicates spyware is tracking your location.


    Note that the icon that shows the Internet connection activates several times a day for no reason. Again, spyware is gathering information.


    Check your phone bill closely. Notice whether it lists many more text messages than you remember sending.


    Ask your partner or someone else close to you whether they have borrowed your phone to install a software program they say you'll like, or a wallpaper, or a ringtone.

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    Tips & Warnings

    Use an anti-virus software on your phone to detect and remove viruses or spyware.
    Take your phone to your service provider, which can erase the phone's memory and restore the factory default settings. You'll lose all your data, but the spyware will be history. Make a hard copy of any info you wish to retain.
    Do not give your cell phone number to strangers or post it on the Internet. Spyware can be installed on your phone from a remote location simply by calling it.
    If you let a stranger borrow your phone to make an "emergency" call before you noticed any of these signs, the number they called most likely installed spyware on your phone. This is commonly used to set up a program to send large numbers of text messages to your phone for which you are charged.

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    Re: How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

    it pays to be careful when installing applications. most applications will ask you if it is OK if they use information on your phone and most people just click "next" or "ok" , just as they do on their PC when they are installing applications.

    So, take note of what you are installing on your PC and Phone and what privileges and rights you are going to allow that application.
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    Re: How to Detect Spyware on a Cell Phone

    I was running a Free version of AVG antivirus for Droid but recently uninstalled it. It worked ok and had a nice taskmanager application, but after some study and experimentation, i decided to take it off the phone.

    From what I have been reading about Droids and rooting, i am almost ready to root the droid eris and see what happens, lol
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